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Get a head start in digital preservation with DPTP

The Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP) is designed for all those working in institutional information management who are grappling with fundamental issues of digital preservation. The overall aim of the course is critical thinking, assessing ways of acting and planning at an organisational level.

Course modules are taught via a mixture of lectures, discussions, practical exercises, and a class project. Modules offer this comprehensive overview: basic introductions to practicalities of preservation approaches, file formats, repository software, and metadata; theoretical models such as the OAIS and the Cornell three-legged stool; case studies, such as NDAD and web-archiving; concepts of Trust and Legality; and ways of managing costs and risk in a digital repository.

DPTP works to the Open Archival Information System (OAIS model). The OAIS standard is a reference model for long-term preservation of digital (and other) assets. Students will learn the detail of Information Packages and the functional components of the workflow.

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