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Web Archiving 101 Course

DPTP: Web Archiving 101 Course

Next instance: 17th October 2016, Senate House, London.


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This course is one day long. It is a course aimed at anyone who has a specific interest in capturing, selecting and using web content for any kind of research and who also need to ensure that web content can persist and endure in an accessible and useable preservation environment.

The course will teach the basics of web archiving. It explores who is doing web archiving currently, why it can be useful, who uses web archives and why. It explains the selection process for content, records management and business needs, available tools and outsourcing as an option. It will also cover legal aspects of web archiving and the issues around the archiving of social media.

The course will be presented by:

  • Dr Peter Webster,  formerly Web Archiving Engagement & Liaison Manager for the British Library UK Web Archive, Programme & Communications Officer for the International Internet Preservation Consortium, and currently Managing Director of Webster Research & Consulting.
  • Ed Pinsent, former web archiving curator for the Jisc, member of the project teams for the PoWR and BlogForever projects, currently Senior Archivist at ULCC and tutor on the DPTP.
  • Sara Day Thomson, social media researcher for the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC).
  • Steph Taylor, digital librarian with a wide experience of copyright and legal issues in the digital domain as applied to libraries, archives & institutional repositories, currently Senior Consultant at ULCC and a tutor on the DPTP.

Who should attend

Researchers, archivists, librarians & information professionals, records managers, especially those working in the HFE sector. Anyone with an interest in selecting, capturing and using web content who wishes to be able to ensure that such web content can persist and endure in an accessible and usable preservation environment.

Learning outcomes

The course will cover:

  • Context: who does web archiving?
  • Why archive the web at all?
  • The impermanence of the web & how fast it can decay
  • Web archiving as an aspect of records management
  • Case studies from the public & private sectors
  • Web archiving tools & technologies
  • Selection processes from many sectors
  • Legal issues, including copyright and IPR
  • Outsourcing as an option
  • Issues around archiving social media
  • Researcher needs and patterns of use

The day will be a mix of tutor-led sessions and group work/discussion.

The five modules are:

  1. The context: who does web archiving?
  2. Why archive the web at all?
  3. How to select what to preserve
  4. How do we go about it? Crawling, storing & rendering
  5. Do we have to do this ourselves? Outsourcing options in public & private sectors


This course will be held in Senate House London on 17 October 2016.

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