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Digitisation Course 2016

DPTP: Digitisation – from project management to access

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About the course

This course is one day long. It is a course aimed at anyone who has a specific interest in planning how archive materials can be digitised for research purposes, and understanding the basic principles of designing and executing a digitisation project.

The course will cover the basics of digitisation, from the initial planning through project management to protecting and preserving the resulting digital assets for the long term. It explores preparation, project management, equipment/outsourcing, workflows and policies. It will also look at metadata, copyright and licensing, and managing access to the digitised content.

Course Tutor

The course tutor, Ed Pinsent, is part of the team that developed the award-winning original Digital Preservation Training Programme. Ed is a senior archivist based within the Academic Research Technologies team at ULCC, and has been involved in all aspects of digital preservation since 2004. He has a traditional archivist and records manager background, and brings to his teaching a wide range of skills and experience from numerous digital preservation projects.

Who should attend

Picture librarians, digitisation managers , research data managers, project managers, archivists, librarians, staff involved in the scanning process. Anyone with an interest in planning and managing a digitisation project, and the ongoing income generation and preservation of the resulting digitised assets.

Learning outcomes

The course will cover:

  • Project management, planning & selection for digitisation projects
  • Technical considerations for digitisation
  • Guidelines for good practice when scanning images and text
  • Income generation
  • Protecting digitised assets for the long-term, through long-term preservation

The day will be a mix of tutor-led sessions and group work/discussion.

The nine modules are:

  1. Preparation – decide if it needs doing, and why
  2. Project management – QA, resources, workflows, documentation…can you reduce the burden?
  3. Policy, selection, and income generation – why are you digitising, who for, and can you make money from it
  4. Equipment and outsourcing – investigating whether to buy your own hardware, or getting the work done by a commercial company
  5. Workflows and formats – how to scan images and how to scan texts
  6. Metadata and finding aids – including arrangement of the collection, description, rights protection and embedded metadata
  7. Copyright and licensing – learn from case studies; see it as risk management
  8. Access – systems that manage images and metadata and serve them to users
  9. Preservation – protect your digitised assets


Tuesday, 27 September 2016 from 09:30 to 17:30


Senate House – Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

Now open! Book your place on Eventbrite