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Custom Course


We can provide a version of the DPTP course customised to suit your individual institutional needs. We can help you build the perfect training package and we will deliver it for you on-site.

  • Choose your modules: you can choose which modules you wish to include from our existing syllabuses.
  • Tailored content: with your help, we can devise exercises aligned with your organisation’s structure, or refer to actual digital assets in your collections.
  • Add-ons: we can (for an additional cost) develop the course content and create new modules, so that we will deliver the key messages you want. We normally require two weeks in advance to research and prepare these.
  • Timing: the timing and duration of the modules can be varied to suit your requirements.
  • On-site: we bring the course to you and deliver at a venue of your choice.
  • Training materials: we can produce a printed book of the course slides for you at an additional cost.

Size of the course

We can accommodate up to 24 people on a custom course.

Quotes about previous Custom Courses

“The training has enabled our colleagues to acquire a new shared perspective and language to approach our digital future, an important watershed.”

“All excellent, clear slides, simple explanations, lovely style. One of the best courses I’ve ever attended.”

“Complex issues explained well and in a very accessible manner”.

“The presenters were very good and delivered the content in an engaging way. Their expertise was also clear.”

“All of it was useful in giving me a good general understanding of digital preservation”.

“Incredibly useful in showing how digital preservation works and what is to come in the future. Very interesting and well-presented.”

“A really well-tailored course that was exactly the right length.”

“Knowledgeable and friendly speaker.”

“A fantastic introduction to digital preservation. Has provided a great context for our work.”

“I thought the course as a whole was very good, it walked us through the OAIS framework in what I felt was a very structured and systematic way.”

“Overall, the training was excellent, and very engaging. I especially appreciated the review of the various “Tools of the Trade”. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how many tools there are out there which are free. I also really liked the forthcoming way in which the presenter described both the strengths and the weaknesses of these tools, and will definitely undertake some independent research based on the list of resources and references.”

“The different uses of the same terms in the IT world and the Archives and Records Management world has always struck me a potentially problematic, and I thought it was excellent that we began the training with a review of those potentially confusing terms.”

“The training was particularly strong in that the presenter was able to talk us through some real world applications of the principles covered during the training, and was willing to explore specific challenges.”

“Overall I thought the training was very well put together and presented by someone who obviously knows a lot about the DP process.”

“The biggest outcome of this training will be that we all understand more clearly where we are headed in relation to DP.”

“The theoretical part of the course was well presented and I personally managed to grasp the whole Digital Preservation concept.”

“Though I had a basic knowledge of OAIS before the training, the course gave me a solid understanding of the model and the entities.”

“I think the training allowed us all, despite our various expertise, to develop a solid foundation from which to proceed… i.e. we can all speak the same language and know what we mean. OAIS, trusted repositories, and long-term preservation are now understood concepts.”

“Very useful. Great technical details and non-biased advice from an expert. Very trustworthy and interesting.”

“A very realistic view of the amount of work involved in digitisation projects, and the importance of planning not just scanning.”

“It gave me a greater understanding of the information required which exists behind the digital archive.”

“I thought the presenter was excellent. It was accessible and yet in-depth”.

“Very straightforward methodology of doing a digitisation project. Jargon explained.”

“Gave me a better understanding of how to plan and implement a project.”


We charge for each day the tutor or tutors are on site, plus one day’s work for preparation for the course. If new course content is required, we would charge an additional day for each new module. The cost of printing the booklet is extra. All quoted prices will exclude VAT.

Please contact us if you are interested in a tailored course.