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Beginner Course

DPTP: An Introduction to Digital Preservation

We are pleased to announce our new Course “DPTP: An Introduction to Digital Preservation”.

The course is two days long. It is an entry-level course aimed at complete beginners who wish to learn more about the field. The course is ideal for starters in all disciplines who want to know more about digital preservation, gain confidence, and feel enabled to start working with digital preservation.

The course is a starting point. It passes on awareness of subjects that need to be investigated in more depth, so those attending can expect a good deal of further reading afterwards and practical follow-up training / experience on their own behalf.

Our course complements the regular Digital Preservation Coalition Event “Getting Started in Digital Preservation”, and has been devised in full co-operation with the DPC.

The DPTP is working towards conformance with the skills and competency levels defined by the DigCurV Curriculum Framework. The course “An Introduction to Digital Preservation” is aimed at Practitioners at a Basic level. This means that the course teaches a basic awareness of a given subject area, including basic knowledge of the range of issues that shape developments in the subject area. Practitioner Skills will enable a digital preservation professional to plan and execute a variety of technical tasks, both individually and as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Who should attend

Archivists, records managers, curators, collections managers, librarians, information management professionals.

Learning outcomes

The course teaches awareness of:

  • Subject-specific knowledge and definitions
  • Digital preservation standards
  • Digital preservation terminology
  • Fundamental digital preservation principles
  • Appropriate technological solutions
  • Digital preservation tools
  • The needs of the designated user community
  • File types, applications and systems
  • Metadata standards
  • Storage policies

The nine modules are:

  1. What is digital preservation and why do we need it?
  2. The OAIS reference model
  3. Preservation strategies, approaches and tools
  4. Communicating with user communities
  5. An overview of metadata
  6. File formats, applications and systems (including databases)
  7. How to build an Archival Information Package (screencast)
  8. Managed storage
  9. How to make a Business Case for Digital Preservation

Course times

The course begins at 10:00 and ends at 17:00 each day.