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Looking for the Digital Preservation Training Programme?

As you may know, we have been running the DPTP programme of courses in digital preservation for quite a few years now as part of ULCC. We have recently changed department and are now working under our new name, CoSector – University of London. The DPTP programme will still be bringing you training in all things digital preservation, with the same course tutors Ed Pinsent and Steph Taylor, and we are still based at the University of London, and still in Senate House.

Throughout 2016, the team responsible for the DPTP have been transitioning into their new role within the University of London under the CoSector brand.

Further information describing the offerings of the new Digital Preservation Team can be found at the CoSector Digital Preservation page.

The site you are currently on will be discontinued towards the end of 2017.

New Programme of Courses

We have also made some changes to the courses we offer as part of DPTP.

In October 2015, we undertook a survey of training needs in digital preservation, which allowed the digital preservation community to express their views and aspirations. We were pleased to receive over 200 responses from archivists, librarians, and other digital curators. They gave us a lot of new ideas.

As a result we have rethought and remade the DPTP. The training offering continues in 2017 as:

    • Online paid courses, which can be completed remotely. The introductory course has been the first to be recast in this way. More courses are planned, covering topics which were not previously offered on the DPTP.
    • Occasional face-to-face one-day courses, on individual subjects.
    • A free course on the OAIS Model
    • Bespoke courses and workshops, tailored to meet your preservation needs – find out more here.

Currently available courses


Can I still apply for DPC scholarships for these new courses?

Yes. The DPC have endorsed our online courses and will offer scholarships to those who apply. DPC will also continue to offer scholarships for our face-to-face courses.

What about the information on this site?

It’s now mainly historical, describing training courses we have offered in the past. This site does refer to Beginner and Intermediate Courses, a distinction which won’t apply to our future training offerings.

Why have you made these changes?

Many reasons:

1. The landscape of digital preservation has changed, and continues to change. The core elements of what constitutes good digital preservation teaching have moved on since we began this course in 2005. The OAIS model, for instance, was new and unfamiliar to a UK audience in 2005. In 2017, this model in more widely recognised and better understood than ever.

2. Individual user needs have changed. The range of content and topics suggested by you through our survey has been very instructive, and inspired us to create new content.

3. The way in which you wish to learn has changed. Attending face-to-face courses for two or three days is no longer an easy option; we realise that it’s not the cost of the course, but the cost of travel, hotels, and getting days off work amount to real costs which many cannot afford. Our shift of focus towards online courses reflects this new need.

4. Users would prefer more case studies and hands-on working. We understand that you no longer wish to have “digital preservation” simply described to you, but you would like to learn how to do it for yourself, and learn from others who have successfully implemented workflows and systems.

All of the above means that we have concentrated more effort on rethinking and remaking content, which has given us less time than we would like to actually deliver training to you. Rest assured this is all changing, and you can expect to see a lot more new content from us in 2017.

We think these changes will help us to continue to support the digital preservation community as it changes and develops over time. We hope you agree, and look forward to working with you through our new course programme, both online and in person, into the future.

Ed Pinsent & Steph Taylor, Digital Preservation Team,
CoSector, University of London, March 2017