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Web-Archiving 101: 16th November 2015

We are pleased to announce the second instance of our new course in the Digital Preservation Training Programme – ‘Web Archiving 101‘. This course is a 1-day course and will take place at Senate House on 16th November 2015. The day will be a mix of tutor-led learning, discussion and group exercises. We won’t be offering ‘hands-on’ in the sense of using tools, but the focus is very much on the practical. If you create and/or use web-based information and resources for research and you have an interest ensuring that such web content can persist and endure in an accessible and usable preservation environment, then this event will be of interest to you.

We recently received some excellent feedback from the Research Operations Office at Cambridge University Library.

“This was an excellent and extremely efficient one-day workshop, due to its dynamic organisation…after every short talk there was time for questions. Furthermore, there were breaks between the main parts of the workshop to allow focused discussions on the subject. This dynamic organisation ensured that every question was addressed, and that all issues were thematically grouped – which in return helped delivering powerful take-home messages from each section.

“Furthermore the speakers (who by the way had expert knowledge on the subject) did not recommend any particular solutions, but instead reviewed types of solutions available, discussing their major advantages and disadvantages. This provided the attendees with enough guidance for making informed decisions about solutions most appropriate to their particular situations.

“What also greatly contributed to the success of the workshop was the diverse background of attendees: from librarians and other research data managers, to researchers, museum website curators, and European Union projects’ archivists. All these people had different approaches, and different needs about web archiving. Perhaps this is why the breakout sessions were so valuable and deeply insightful.”

Read the full report

This course grew out of our re-working of our core DPTP course in 2014. At that time, we decided to create two new courses, an introduction course and an intermediate course, and in doing so, we reviewed all our existing content very thoroughly. We used to run a web archiving module on the original DPTP course, but times, we felt had moved on. Web archiving had grown significantly in since the original course was designed, and we no longer had the time within a broader course to do it justice. What to do? After much heart searching, we took the module out of the 2 and 3 day courses. However, we still felt there was a strong interest in the area, and so the idea of a ‘101’ course, just focusing on web archiving, was born.

We have been very lucky to work with Peter Webster, a long-established expert in this field, in the design of this new one-day course. Peter will once again be teaching on the course, along with Steph Taylor and Ed Pinsent, the regular DPTP tutors, and Sara Day Thomson, a project officer with the DPC, who will be sharing her knowledge about and research into the issues of archiving social media.

There is more information about the course on our website, and you can now book a place in the UoL shop.

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