The Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP) is designed for all those working in institutional information management who are grappling with fundamental issues of digital preservation. It provides the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary for institutions to combine organisational and technological perspectives, and devise an appropriate response to the challenges that digital preservation needs present. DPTP is operated and organised by the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC), with contributions from leading experts in the field.

Who should attend

Anyone working in the information management profession who has an interest in managing, storing, preserving and delivering digital content should attend the DPTP. This includes those working in the archives, library, records management or museum sector. Information Technology staff, such as developers, programmers, or systems administrators, should also attend.

The DPTP has a selection of courses aimed at practitioners of different levels, rather than executives or managers. The Introduction to Digital Preservation Course is especially suitable for those who are at an early stage of developing their programme of digital preservation, or simply want a practical introduction to the basics of digital preservation strategy and practice. The Practice of Digital Preservation Course is suitable for those people working in the field of digital preservation who have a basic understanding of the subject and want to learn more skills in this area. The Web Archiving 101 Course is designed for anyone who has a specific interest in the specific preservation of the web, especially from an HE & FE perspective,

“DPTP: a veritable Swiss army knife of tools, models, maps, trends and critical thinking. If you are venturing into the world of digital preservation, do not leave home without it.” (Sandy Ryan, British Library)

Next courses

Next Practitioner Course: 21-23 September 2015
Next Beginner Course: 26-27 October 2015

Dates for 2015

  • 19-20 January 2015 (2 day Beginner) (closed)
  • 16-18 March 2015 (3 day Practitioner) (closed)
  • 12 May 2015 (1 day Web Archiving 101) (closed)
  • 1-2 June 2015 (2 day Beginner) (closed)
  • 21-23 September 2015 (3 day Practitioner)
  • 26-27 October 2015 (2 day Beginner)
  • 7-9 December 2015 (3 day Practitioner)

All the 2015 courses are now open for booking at our UOL Store page.  All courses will be held in central London (venues tbc). The courses begin at 10:00 and end at 17:00 each day.

Dates for 2016

  • 18-19 January 2016 (2 day Beginner)
  • 14-16 March 2016 (3 day Practitioner)
  • 16-17 May 2016 (2 day Beginner)
  • 26-28 September 2016 (3 day Practitioner)
  • 7-8 November 2016 (2 day Beginner)
  • 5-7 December 2016 (3 day Practitioner)

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